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20 Ноябрь 2023 15:51

In my essay I would like to talk about human rights. Every person should know their rights and responsibilities in order to exercise them at any time.

When a person is born, he immediately has some rights. And one of the first and most important is the right to life.

What other rights does he have? He has the right to a first name, surname, and citizenship. Also, from birth onwards, he will always have the right to free medical care. At a young age, a child has the right to have toys, choose friends and have his own interests. Of course, while he is a child, he does not know about his rights, but he has parents who will look after him and teach him his rights and responsibilities.

When a child grows up, he has another right – the right to free education. We come to school and here we have other responsibilities: wear a uniform, keep school things safe, not be late, always do your homework and respect the teacher and everyone at school. I am a student and I know my student rights. For hard work at school, I have the right to rest, receive incentives and, most importantly, the child’s right as an individual to have his own opinion, freedom of thought and conscience, choice of religious views and personal life.

And now you are an adult, you have one more right. The right to work, choice of profession. And of course the right to private property. This means that you have the right to have a house, a car and other things. No one has the right to take it away from the owner.

In my opinion, people should know their rights and protect them at any time, manage them correctly and with dignity in order to be a worthy person.


Anna SIM, knows everything about her rights and responsibilities, 9 grade, school № 263, Tashkent.